29 settembre, San Michele

…questo Nome ha scolpito Dolore nel più profondo cantuccio del mio cuore


2 responses to “29 settembre, San Michele

  • L

    Close your eyes, embrace The core of the pain The purpose of your heart is to feel all even in the deepest times of despair. Even when you want to isolate yourself, he will not allow. Trust in him, for he is beside you. Let that small voice down in the bottom corner of your heart cry out. When the sobs and internal agony stops He is there to hold your hand, walk you out. You are so Loved!

  • Luciana

    Hi.. no thoughts here😞. I do not have your email address with me but wanted to know what’s new with you? And by the way; as a child they called me by name of that little bug as it lights up the darkness without speaking. I just wanted a private account with out an audience of people. I wish you a sweet evening Giuseppe.


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